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The Elul Project

At NCJWA we believe that sharing our stories helps each of us to see the world a little differently. When you hear other people’s stories you don’t feel so alone. You can relate to their experience even if it is very different from your own.

We’re hoping that this series of Elul Stories will nurture you and encourage you to think and write your own stories. This year will be different. It is scary. It is lonely. So we need to do whatever we can to support each other.

We are publishing stories one at a time. Then, just before the New Year you will be able to download the collection and have it to read over yom tov. This is our New Year Greeting to you.

Shana Tova uMetuka – May you have a wonderful and sweet New Year. May we transcend the traumas of 2020 and the personal travails in our lives. May the future be one of good health.

Melinda Jones
National President

Elul Project Magazine

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