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Dr Fanny Reading MBE


Portfolio Chair

Julie Nathan & Sunny Gold

About the Portfolio

In its Mission Statement, the National Council of Jewish Women of Australia indicates that it "works for the advancement of social justice and human welfare". It aims to achieve this through the promotion of tolerance, respect and harmony between religions and races. With this in mind, it has established the specific portfolio of Anti-Semitism, Racism and Human Rights at both its Division and National Board level.

Raising the awareness of, and educating its own NCJWA members about, this subject has been an ongoing programme. This has been accomplished by talks to the New South Wales groups, in reports at both Division and National Board meetings and through the publication of articles in the Council Bulletin.

The New South Wales, Victorian and Western Australian members have been active in attending forums and events focusing on Anti-Semitism and Racism. They have also involved the wider community by staging well received interfaith events. For example, the New South Wales Division has hosted events centred on Jewish festivals. These have been constructed in such a way as to encourage the active participation of members of the various women's organizations, which are affiliated to the Australian Women's Coalition.

The National Council of Jewish Women of Australia will continue with these and other activities to strive to fulfil its aims to help counter Antisemitism and Racism.

Portfolio Report

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