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"Women working together can achieve anything"
Dr Fanny Reading MBE

Community Services

Portfolio Chair

Sheryl Salcman

About the Portfolio

Our mission is to increase awareness of the community services programs and services NCJWA offers around Australia. To help those less fortunate in our own Jewish communities and to support our more elderly members.

The original charter of the National Council of Jewish Women focused on Religion, Education, Philanthropy and Social contact.

Tzedaka - doing good deeds - is a fundamental element of Jewish life and Dr Fanny Reading MBE, founder of the National Council of Jewish Women in Australia, felt it was necessary for Jews to work for and give back to their community.

One of the strongest attributes NCJWA has today, distinguishing itself from other Jewish philanthropic organizations, is that it supports both Jewish and non-Jewish causes. From the Australian-born Jews to the migrants, each group has contributed to the fabric of our society. Friendships have been built amongst our members as they have worked tirelessly as volunteers over the years. The bonds are strong, which is evident when members gather from around Australia at NCJWA conventions to reflect and honour those who have achieved so much for the organisation and to plan for the future and the changing needs of our communities.

Our charter encourages us to raise funds for local causes as well as for the many needy causes NCJWA supports in Israel. Having Jewish women work on behalf of the wider community and demonstrate Jewish values gives us an opportunity to speak up for women in Australian society, run programmes involving women of other cultures and help to break down the barriers caused by anti-Semitism.

Council has always worked to meet the needs of the community and it is no different today. Programs vary from State to State as NCJWA endeavours to meet the needs of each community. Below are some of the many services and programs offered around Australia:

    • Mum for Mum / Caring Mums
    • Hospital and home visits
    • Scholarships
    • Op shops
    • Meals on wheels
    • JBCN
    • Food parcels on Yom Tovim
    • Aged care assessment and assistance
    • Chevra sewing / tahara
    • Assisting Jewish aged care homes
    • Women's Refuges
  • Welcoming migrants
  • Mitzvah day
  • Senior citizens and golden age clubs
  • Music lovers
  • Writing workshops
  • Pink Sunday
  • Empowering single women in the Jewish community
  • Assisting those in need

It is a mitzvah to help those less fortunate than ourselves, and what greater reward or satisfaction can there be than community service?

Portfolio Report

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