National Council of Jewish Women of Australia
The Voice of Australian Jewish Women

"Women working together can achieve anything"
Dr Fanny Reading MBE

Project Chair

Debbie Edelstein

About this Portfolio

Our Aims
To reach out to NCJWA  members,  also to "untapped" Jewish women who previously showed little or no interest in NCJWA.

To facilitate a group so they can, under the NCJWA umbrella, connect & chat via the internet with a Facebook or LinkedIn  Group. I propose to be the administrator /chairperson of the Group.  We can invite people to join the group & people who request to join must be approved. Questions & comments will be monitored.  The aim is for each of them introduce themselves in the group, ask questions & help each other. We use amazing business tools these days, particularly Apps which are available now.  It has never been easier or faster than now. We can also speak to each other for free. That's why I feel so passionate about getting the NCJWA Jewish Women Entrepreneurs off the ground now.

This is another way to increase our membership.

We hope to hold local networking functions with guest speakers to inspire & educate the women in the latest thinking & techniques for entrepreneurial women.

Let's be seen as a leading light. Let’s network and have fun.

Together we can do this.