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Mum For Mum / Caring Mums

Program for mothers of newborns or infants and pregnant women

About the Program

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Mum for Mum (in Sydney) and Caring Mums (in Melbourne) are home based, confidential, free of charge and non-denominational programs that provide emotional support for mothers of a child less than 12 months of age and pregnant women.

Some new mothers feel isolated, overwhelmed and find it challenging to cope with the emotions and changes of motherhood. These are natural feelings, but not all mothers have support systems that help them cope and understand what they are going through.

Pregnancy is a major change in a woman's life. It can often be an emotionally charged period. Not all expectant mothers have a woman who has experienced similar emotions to confide in and with whom to share their feelings.

Mum for Mum is a program of NCJWA NSW and is co-ordinated in Sydney by Nadene Alhadeff. Caring Mums is a program of NCJWA Victoria and is co-ordinated in Melbourne by Michelle Kornberg. Both women are family counsellors, parent educators, group facilitators and supervisors who train the volunteers and match them with new mums.

To find out more, visit the Mum For Mum website if you are in Sydney, or the Caring Mums website page if you are in Melbourne.