Respond & Prevent Elder Abuse

Elder abuse is mistreatment of an older person committed by someone with whom the older person has a relationship, e.g. partner, family member, friend or carer. It can be physical, social, financial, psychological, or sexual and can include mistreatment and neglect. It is a controlling behaviour or action which frightens or intimidates and can be illegal. It can occur at any time, be subtle or extreme, and unintentional or deliberate.

Elder abuse violates an older person’s basic right to feel safe.


    The National Ageing Research Institute shows:

    • 82% of reported elder abuse is financial and psychological/emotional
    • ¾ of victims are female
    • 60% of perpetrators are male
    • 92% of abuse is committed by people related to the older person
    • 67% of abuse is perpetrated by a child of the older person.


    Where to go for help 

        • Call 1800ElderHelp – 1800 353 374 
        • Visit Compass for resources, stories and support