The NCJWA advocates on issues affecting both Jewish and non-Jewish women, the main pillars of advocacy being:

  • Gender equality/status of women
  • Violence against women and children, including trafficking
  • Reproductive rights
  • Indigenous women – Uluru Statement from the Heart
  • Jewish women

NCJWA acts in the spirit of the Jewish principle Tikkun Olam (‘healing the world’) to make the world a better place for all. We join with other organisations to educate, lobby and advocate. These include alliances and coalitions such as: 

We keep our members informed about national developments relating to the status of women and encourage them to hold forums on contemporary issues affecting women. Educating ourselves and our communities about issues such as violence against women enables us to better deal with these in our own environments. In becoming more aware we can contribute to raising the level of debate on these matters.

Most recent activity:

Reform UNRWA

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Current campaigns:

Reform UNRWA

The path to peace and reconciliation between Israel and the Palestinians begins in the classroom.

Uluru - Statement From the Heart

The voice to parliament would be a representative body giving Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders a say in law and policy affecting them.

The Partnership for Maternal , Newborn & Child Health (PMNCH)

Throughout the Covid-19 response & recovery, we urge governments to protect & promote the health & rights of women, children & adolescents. 

Charter of Rights

Creating an Australian Charter of Human Rights & Freedoms will benefit the whole community.

Women and the Budget

NCJWA is part of an alliance of 16 organisations with ERA, to call for a new approach to budgeting which will bring women’s needs into sharper focus.