Shalom to all Executive members.  I do hope you had a pleasant and healthy month of Yom Tov.

There is not much to report from the Health Portfolio as I have not heard much from the Sections.

I know Western Australia have been busy and have had several functions where Health issues were promoted.  In Brisbane we are planning to have a Doctor speak at our November meeting.

I would like to remind each of the Sections of the email I sent around some time back re ANZGOG and Gynae Health.  If you would like to look into this further the web site is We know that Ovarian Cancer is a big problem and more awareness needs to be made about it.

Nationally October has been health awareness month for Breast Cancer and I seem to remember seeing a News Item a few days ago where an Australian Woman won a case to bring down the cost of testing for Genetic Breast Cancer. (Correct me if I’m wrong)

November is Lung Awareness Month so maybe we can look at organizing something in regard to this in our Sections.

Remember  “There is no wealth like health”