As Chair of the ILAN portfolio I am responsible for maintaining communication with ILAN in Tel Aviv, Israel, especially Silvina Freund and Hana Laor.

I remind and encourage sections to fundraise for ILAN in whatever way they can: holding events specifically to raise money for ILAN, selling ILAN cards, promoting ILAN as a possible recipient of donations at a special celebration such as birthdays, pre-weddings, bar/batmitzvahs.

I encourage each section to have a designated person as my contact to liaise with.

I plan to hold an ILAN fundraiser in Victoria each year.

I hope there will be a tour of our Israel projects planned for 2017 to coincide with the ICJW Herczeg Jewish Education seminar to be held that year. If so then we will visit the new ILAN Adult Day Care Centre that should be finished before then.