Amid emerging nuclear deal, Iran deploys long-range radar after USA and Israel officials warned of possible military action curtailing its nuclear program. There is great concern regarding the proposed nuclear deal.

France may not submit Mideast resolution at UN Security Council of an Israeli Palestinian two-State solution, French  officials are hesitant they may face US veto.

Costa Rica becomes 33rd Country launching pro-Israel caucus, 20Parliamentarians signed foundation document reaffirming Israel as a Jewish State and Jerusalem its Capital Al-Qudo builds watch tower directly across IDF structure on Gaza border from which IDF structures and jeeps patrolling border are visible.

In response the Gaza War Report and passing of an anti-Israel UN Human Rights Council resolution on the Gaza War, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated ” the UN is not really interested in facts and human rights” saying those who are afraid of coming out against terrorism shall be attacked by terrorism.

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