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About the Conference

Be in the room where it happens; we as Jewish Women are coming together to design and construct a future, utilising the many tools at our disposal. 

Throughout history, Jewish women have been the backbone of our community, embodying resilience and determination in the face of adversity. From the iconic tales of Ruth, Esther, Judith, and Yael to the modern-day trailblazers like Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Golda Meir, our legacy of strength continues to inspire and empower us.

Now, it’s time to come together and define our own playbook. Join us, alongside esteemed speakers and experts from various fields, as we delve into strategies and tactics, new and old. From navigating the complexities of the modern world to thriving in the face of challenges, this event is our opportunity to gain valuable insights, connect with like-minded individuals, and collectively strategise for a future we can all be proud of.

Don’t miss out on this incredible 2 day experience! Secure your spot today and be part of a movement that celebrates the resilience and achievements of Australian Jewish women for over one hundred years. Tickets are $350 each, and seats are filling up fast.

We can’t wait to see you there!


This is rough outline of the event. Based on community interest and requests this programme has been shaped to address as many current issues as possible. Details of the event will be released via email for safety sake… or feel free to speak to one of us… so many brilliant and inspiring sessions.


Aug 2024

Key Note Speakers from Australia: Jewish Community Allies and How they came to be Allies 



Aug 2024

Welcome & Key Note 

Workshops: Strategies of Resilience

Key Note: International Speaker

Workshops: Stronger Community Actions


Aug 2024

Workshops: Online Challenges & Solutions

Workshops: Living in the Modern World – Parenting & The Workplace

Organisations From a Women’s Perspective – opportunities to get involved, leading orgs, funding orgs, building orgs and finding mentorship

AGM (NCJWA National)

Event Highlight

This outstanding event brings you as many oportunities as we can muster in 2 days.

We have invited some incredible international experts who are exclusively speaking at the conference. 

Expertise in advocacy, human/women’s rights in war, social media.. we promise you will learn incredible things from these women.


Get some conversation in, test out strategies and walk away with battle plans. These sessions are designed for you to find camaraderie and solutions for real issues that you are grappling with.

Topics include: community responses,  leadership, parenting, doxing/online pogroms, mental health and so many more


Sometimes we need someone else to hold our courage when we run low.  

There are lots of opportunities to meet amazing women, this is an opportunity to share and lean on each other.  If you are excited to build something new, fortify something old or join a community project – we know the community is invaluable. 

We hope you all walk out with several new friends.


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This is a space for us to discuss and tackle some of the challenges we are currently experiencing. Here are some examples of conversations, guided by experts that will take place at the conference. If you have session ideas, speaker suggestions or topics that you would like addressed please message info@ncjwa.org.au.


Doxing and Business 

An enormously confronting experience. The online space can be filled with trolls and hate. What tools, resources and people are on the case… what strategies can we apply?


This workshop is led by a community member turned expert who has been directly affected by these issues. She has taken the experience in her stride and has multiple strategies at play, furthermore she has invested in discovering what resources and materials we can use to combat this horrible experience (both preventatively and responsively). 


Parenting university students

Universities are hot spots for the Jewish Community. Our young adults are being confronted by a huge range of challenges to their identity and wellbeing. There are multiple sessions addressing different aspects of this. From what history we can arm our children with, to how to help their mental health and what legal pathways we can take. 

Jewish Resilience

How do we utalise ritual, spirituality and community to build and maintain mental health when the cards are stacked against us? 

These sessions have industry experts leading multiple conversations so that you can walk away feeling stronger in yourself and confident in what to do tomorrow when things feel too big or overwhelming. 


What People Say

We have been hearing a need for more community experiences that help shape us. Here are some thoughts. 

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