Join NCJWA in Celebrating National Reconciliation Week, 2022


National Reconciliation Week runs from May 27th to June 3rd and this year’s theme is Be Brave, Make Change. The theme challenges us all to be brave and tackle the issue of reconciliation so we can make changes that will benefit all Australians.

To Make Change may result in us adopting a conscious decision to modify aspects of our lives, our views, the location we live in. or work that we do. In life, change constantly happens and we must learn to appreciate that nothing stays the same.

During reconciliation week, become familiar with the name of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island land that you are on, and before each event that you run, state the acknowledgment of country.

Read up on Aboriginal history and research themes such as the Mabo decision, the Stolen Generation and the pioneering social work of Mum Shirl. All sections of NCJWA must adopt a culturally safe environment where all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people can respectfully exchange views and experiences with NCJWA members. Barriers to Aboriginal health and welfare can be dealt with by running workshops on health issues facing indigenous women and girls, unconscious bias and relearning or strengthening knowledge about Aboriginal cultural and social values. As a member of Reconciliation Australia, NCJWA can inform sections of the resources, lecturers and workshops that Reconciliation Australia provide.