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In May 2014, the International Council of Jewish Women appointed a new President to take the organization forward to 2018.

Robyn Lenn OAM was officially installed as the new President of the International Council of Jewish Women at the closing ceremony of the organization’s Quadrennial Convention in Prague, Czech Republic, on May 7, 2014. She will lead ICJW for the next four years, representing Jewish women and women’s organizations in 42 countries around the world.

As incoming President, Robyn Lenn will continue ICJW’s longstanding commitment to working towards achieving gender equality, upgrading women’s rights and enabling women’s empowerment for all women, including Jewish women, around the world. She plans to increase the organization’s focus on the portrayal of women in the media, and on the role of women in the environment and sustainable development. Robyn also plans to increase ICJW’s collaboration with other international women’s organisations. She says:

[quotes]I believe that women work well together collaboratively, bringing a different viewpoint to the table when they are appointed to leadership positions. I see women as important co-contributors to every aspect of the modern world, and in particular to building better relationships between Jewish and non-Jewish organizations and communities.[/quotes]

Robyn Lenn was awarded the Order of Australia Medal (OAM) in 2005 for her work with NCJWA, serving as National President from 2003-2007, having played an active role in both the New South Wales Section and the national organization. She lives in Sydney and is a piano examiner for the Australian Music Examination Board. She is married to Philip Lenn and has four children and six grandchildren.