51% of the population is certainly very worthy of being celebrated!

Whilst there has been progress and some noteworthy achievements in the past year, there are also areas of regression and much, much more to do.  We are going through a period of massive change and progress is patchy.

 What are our hopes and wishes for the next year?

  • may the tide turn on the ugly wave of violence against women – that sign of the lack of acceptance of women’s rights to control their own lives and destiny;
  • may the objectification of young girls and women cease to be so prevalent;
  • may women achieve not only equal opportunities and salary parity but also a workplace that is not moulded for men thereby creating barriers to achievement of these aims;
  • may the benefits that come from a more flexible and family-friendly environment flow to all genders; and
  • may all human beings be treated as equal persons, regardless of race, creed or gender.

National Council of Jewish Women of Australia extends congratulations to all women and their families and friends on the occasion of International Women’s Day.

In the words of our founder, Dr Fanny Reading, MBE:  “Women working together, can achieve anything”

Negba Weiss-Dolev
NCJWA National President