National Conference 2019


Women Unlimited is the inspiring theme of this year’s conference – focusing on women’s break out achievements as innovative leaders, in the workplace and in the community. It will  explore the barriers and solutions to issues such as gender equality, sex role stereotyping, as well as providing essential networking and mentor opportunities.

The Conference will also enable us to review the organisation’s ongoing work and will set the direction under the new national executive for the following four years.

The conference, to be held in Melbourne,  will bring together approximately 100 women from across Australia.


A unique not-for-profit organisation established more than 90 years ago, representing Jewish women around Australia. Programs and projects are based on our four platforms: Status of Women, Community Service, Israel, Education. We promote social justice, the welfare and advancement of women in the Jewish and general communities.

Through advocacy, fundraising and our wide and varied grassroots programs and activities across Australia we aim to enhance the lives of others locally, nationally and internationally.

NCJWA advocates, educates and empowers women building better lives for all.

Women Unlimited

NCJWA National Conference 2019
September 8-9 Melbourne

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