[quotes]Where there is Rabbinic Will There is Halachic Way

Blu Greenberg[/quotes]

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In May 2013 five Australian women joined about forty Jewish women for a silent vigil opposite the Knesset as part of the ICJW Seminar in Israel. Dressed in white and carrying placards they demanded true equality for Jewish women worldwide.

Jewish women suffer from particular discrimination in the areas of Jewish law, the Gett and Agunah, often rendering them helpless and at the behest of recalcitrant husbands.

Representing over 20 countries the women maintained their silence in an aura of solidarity. There was a strong sense of sisterhood and there have been some recent positive outcomes in Israel.

Women of the Wall have been given legislative sanction to pray at the Western Wall in which ever manner they wish to. Furthermore, the Knesset has passed legislation which requires that at least four women be members of the Commission to Appoint Dayanim (Judges).

As they say we live in interesting times…