This must necessarily be very brief as Negba Weiss-Dolev and I have only just taken on the role of co-chairing this committee.

In consideration of the taking of this position we have consulted with various Directors of sections to find out  what the organization as a whole considers to be the most important tasks.  We thank all those who got back to us.

There was agreement on several points, including:

  • the need for sections to be kept informed about Status of Women issues/consciousness raising
  • the need of smaller sections to have support to be involved with activities without being overwhelmed
  • encouragement of activities, or least dialogue about them between sections
  • activism in relation especially to women and Jewish law, family violence. mentoring and others
  • being actively involved with other community groups that seek to enhance the status of women across the country and internationally.

Negba and I plan to spend the next bit of time thinking further through these points by speaking more one on one with the relevant members.  We will also research the activities of other community groups who are working in similar areas to then be able to think about what projects we might like to co-operate with and what projects we should undertake – or encourage sections etc to undertake – just as NCJW activities.