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In April/May 2013, 11 NCJWA members and 2 husbands took part in a tour of our Israel projects, which lead into the ICJW Jewish Education Seminar and Executive meeting. Our projects include ILAN, the Israel Foundation for Children and Young Adults with Handicaps, where we dedicated plaques in memory of Diana Gelfand z”l and Ray Ginsburg z”l. We visited MICHA, where they have dedicated a plaque to NCJWA for our support of the Hearing Aid Loan program. We visited Haifa University where we dedicated a plaque in memory of Dr Geulah Solomon z”l, who established the Ethiopian Women’s Fund and we met many of the young women who benefitted from our support. We also visited the Haifa Rape Crisis Centre and spent 2 days with JNF looking at possible future projects and we dedicated our latest JNF project, a playground at Golda Park in the Negev. This is part of the Anzac Trail that follows the route the Anzacs took in World War I. Golda Park was their last stop before their charge on Beersheba which they took from the Turks. This dedication took place on Anzac Day, which was a very fitting way to commemorate the day.

We were also invited to a reception at the Australian Ambassador, Andrea Faulkner’s residence, which was a wonderful experience. All tour participants found the visits to our projects gave us the ideal opportunity to meet our project partners and the people we are working so hard to support. It gave us a clearer understanding of where our fundraising goes and a tangible connection to Israel and our projects.