Ushpizot - Special Guests for the Sukkah


This week, in these extraordinary times -it will be a little lonely as we are unable to have guests, our community and our families as we are so used to. In these times we rely on traditions to bring us strength, and this one is great fun; Ushpizim. (There was a great film about them a while back- Ushpizim). Special guests, biblical characters who join people around the world in the Succah for a meal. Ushpizim – the honoured men. Heroes from the past. A different one each night.


NCJWA brings you, Ushpizot, honoured women. Women to join us at the table. Women to share their stories. Women we honour, who honour us with their pasts, their experiences and their presence.


Melinda Jones
National President

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