NCJWA partners with Israeli Women Peace-Makers

An intimate event with 6 women from different backgrounds

In 2021, NCJWA made a radical decision about its relationship with Israel and Israeli women. “Rather than be a fund raiser for Israel projects as we have in the past, we will now work directly with women’s organisations building on our respective expertise and share our passions for equality and social justice. We will work to build bridges between our two communities through exchange of knowledge and experience” said President Melinda Jones.

Over COVID we have shared platforms with Women Wage Peace, the largest grass-roots peace movement in Israel, with a membership of over 44,000 women and men from across the political, religious and ethnic spectrum of Israeli society. We are now working on an affiliation which will bring women of Australia and Israel closer together.

One common concern is the implementation of Security Council Resolution 1325, which calls for the involvement of women in all levels of decision-making when it comes to matters of women’s security and safety in peace and war. Both Australia and Israel are signatories to the resolution.

Women Wage Peace describes its mission as “To bring about the resolution of the Israeli Palestinian conflict by means of an honourable, non-violent and mutually acceptable agreement, with the participation of women from diverse groups of the population in Israel, in accordance with UN Resolution 1325.”

In order for Australian women to meet some of the Jewish and Arab Israeli women who are members of Women Wage Peace, NCJWA is hosting an event over Zoom on Monday, 21st March. All proceeds from the event will go directly to Women Wage Peace.

Event registration:

 For any inquiries please contact Melinda Jones president of NCJWA –

Avital Brown

Peta Jones-Pellach

Rachel Sussia

Angela Scharf

Yael Braudo-Bahat

Hamutal Gourie

Sue Levinstein

Nona Abu Dalu

Nomi Reggev