National Council of Jewish Women of Australia

Jewish Women for a Just World

NCJWA is a Jewish feminist organisation committed to promoting social justice and the rights of women in all aspects of their lives. At a National level we do this through advocacy, education and community building.

About National Council of Jewish Women of Australia

With a focus on women’s advocacy in Australia, NCJWA is unique in Australia today, in that no other Jewish women’s organisation in this nation has a comparable mission. Working for Australian Jewish Women as Australians, as Women and as Jews, NCJWA understands that our identities are diverse and complex, engaging in programs and conversations that stretch the expanse of the community. Our Jewish identities include Judaism as religion and culture and see the position of women around the world (including Israel) as tied to our own. As an affiliate of the International Council of Jewish Women we connect with women of fifty countries around the world, and through this we have a voice in the highest levels of world government and at human rights agencies worldwide.

NCJWA is a place for diverse views and consensual action, a place for discussion and debate, a place for exploration and commitment. Our many Sections across the country are involved in a range of programs. Sections are active in Brisbane, Canberra, Gold Coast, New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia. Sections are the Members of the National organisation.

Our projects  bring change to our communities, our country and our world. In short, our aim is to make the world a better place.

Featured Talks & Events

The National Council for Jewish Women Australia, in partnership with the Melbourne Holocaust Museum and Australian Centre for Jewish Civilisation, invites you to an online Kristallnacht commemoration event:

“The Night of Flying Feathers: Women’s Experiences of Kristallnacht” 

With a keynote address by Prof Marion Kaplan, Skirball Professor of Modern Jewish History at New York University, on the gendered nature of Kristallnacht and the importance of integrating women’s experiences into our understanding of the Holocaust.

Followed by a live conversation and Q&A with Daniella Doron (Senior Lecturer in Jewish History, Australian Centre for Jewish Civilisation), and Annabelle Baldwin (Lecturer in Gender History at University of Melbourne), moderated by Nikki Marczak (NCJWA Board member and genocide scholar, University of Queensland).

Monday 7 November 2022:

8pm AEDT

7pm AEST

5pm AWST

A lovely evening workshop where we share some of our favourite Feminist Jewish poems about the new year. 

This workshop requires no knowledge or preparation – but if you would like to read through some of the poems in advance we can send them your way.

We do recommend you bring a cup of hot chocolate or a glass of wine. 


Evening format:

Settle in, get comfy on the sofa with your beverage

Welcome to a new year – a little chit chat

Read through two poems

A little discussion

Some time for those who would like to have a hand at writing a poem – no requirement to be Shakespeare 

Sharing your poems with the room if you fancy (once again this is completely at your discretion)

Wrap up

Take your cup off to the dishwasher, feeling all aglow after a friendly evening with great company. 

Statement Regarding Israeli Election Results

As an organisation concerned with the rights and needs of women and girls, National Council of Jewish Women of Australia is concerned by the results of the recent Israeli election. There is every reason to believe that the coalition of parties that will make up the new government will dismantle much of the progress achieved over the past years. We will continue to observe and keep our Australian constituents informed of the impact on our sisters in Israel.

President’s Report

Why Peace is a Woman’s Issue