National Council of Jewish Women of Australia
The Voice of Australian Jewish Women

"Women working together can achieve anything"
Dr Fanny Reading MBE

International Council of Jewish Women

The International Council of Jewish Women (ICJW) was established in 1912, and is an umbrella organization representing Jewish women and women's organizations in 43 countries.

ICJW’s national affiliates and members in 43 countries are involved in a wide range of volunteer activities, offering care services for needy populations, promoting grassroots social welfare projects, providing leadership training for communal activists, and advocating on issues of local and national concern.

ICJW has consultative status at the United Nations as a non-governmental organization (NGO) with the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), and maintains permanent delegations in New York, Geneva, Vienna and Paris. ICJW is also represented at the Council of Europe, the European Women’s Lobby, the International Council of Women, the World Jewish Congress, and many other international and regional organizations.


ICJW Executive Members

ICJW Immediate Past Present President & ICJW Chair of Status of Women Committee
Robyn Lenn OAM

ICJW Vice-President (Representing Australia)
Di Hirsh (OAM)

Chair Asia-Pacific Region
Vivien Brass

ICJW Secretary
Eva Robey

Chair Status of Women in Jewish Law
Susie Ivany

Co-Chair Environment & Sustainable Development
Jeanette Tsoulos

Co-Chair Environment & Sustainable Development
Dr. Anne Morris

 Volunteer Training Chair (Isabelle Brown Fund)
Malvina Malinek OAM

Chair Antisemitism & Racism
Julie Nathan

Life Member of Executive
Malvina Malinek OAM

Dee Hart