Full text of letter received by NCJWA from this year’s recipient of the Haifa University Ethiopian Women’s Fund:

Dear Trustees of the National Council of Jewish Women Australia,

My name is Moria, age 29 and I live in Qiriat Mozskin with my parents and my fiancé.
My parents came from Ethiopia in 1984 and I was born 5 years later. Due to their lack of education, they always pushed me to study, to develop and be an independent woman.
I graduated with a B.A from the University of Haifa, I studied Human Resources, Counseling, and Human Development and now I am in my third year of my master’s degree.
I am writing my research (thesis) about intergenerational trauma among members of the first generation after the Ethiopian immigration and the journey through Sudan. This subject is very close to me because my family made this journey and it affects my life until today. I am investigating the association between second traumatization, differentiation of self, compassion and well-being among second generation of the journey via Sudan.
Through this letter, I want to sincerely thank you for your generous scholarship. For me it means a lot, beyond a financial assistance. It is a recognition of the difficulties experienced by me and other students from my community to get this far.
Additionally, it reflects respect and appreciation for my achievements. I hope that more students will be able to enjoy the fellowship because it is really helpful and value-added.

With gratitude and appreciation,
Moria Mazal Tadela.