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Israel Foundation for Handicapped Children

About the Program

NCJWA has contributed to ILAN, the Israel Foundation for Handicapped Children, for over 42 years. ILAN is a voluntary organization dedicated to the rehabilitation of disabled children and adults afflicted with cerebral palsy, polio, progressive muscle dystrophy or neuro-muscular injuries and diseases. ILAN has several branches throughout Israel.

The Tel-Aviv branch of ILAN operates a number of educational networks and rehabilitation facilities which provide services to hundreds of handicapped children from fifty municipalities in the Tel-Aviv area, under the guidance of a highly professional, devoted staff, augmented by a large following of dedicated volunteers. ILAN Tel-Aviv strives to provide each child in its care with the chance to develop to the full extent of his or her abilities, regardless of the financial status of the family. The future and rehabilitative potential of these children are directly linked to the level of treatment they receive from infancy.

Since the 1950’s several pre-schools have been established with support from NCJWA. In the 1970’s NCJWA assisted in the establishment of a School and Day Care Treatment and Rehabilitation Centre known as Beit Venezuela. It serves youngsters aged 6-21 who suffer from cerebral palsy and sever mental retardation, and are confined to wheelchairs. Much of the monies raised by NCJWA today provide such wheelchairs and computers especially adapted to their needs, or other alternative supportive communication. The school is staffed by professionals, who have educational, para-medical and nursing training, expertise and experience. It has a varied curriculum and provides therapeutic treatment adapted to the personal needs of each pupil.

There are a couple ways in which you can support ILAN, the Israel Foundation for Handicapped Children:

  1. Make a donation to mark special occasions and celebrations [or request donations from your guests in lieu of gifts] which will be honoured by a thank-you certificate
  2. Make an endowment or special donation sponsoring or contributing to a specific project: classroom, treatment room or rehabilitation equipment. Your donation will be honoured by a memorial plaque dedicated in the name of the donor or family.

To find out more about ILAN, visit their website. Also, see the plans for the new Ilan Tel Aviv Day Care Center.