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dear friend – please join us 

Thank you so much for reaching out and offering to help during these hard times. 

Over the past weeks many people have reached out to us looking for resources, and we need help finding and creating these. Some of what we have been asked for may already exist. We do not want to recreate the wheel but rather link to existing services and use the time to develop the ones that are currently not available. 

We are seeking to develop fact sheets and other material to put on our website and circulate widely on social media. This is crucial part of the media war. Public libraries and schools are presenting children with books on Palestinian perspective on the conflict, full of disinformation which needs response. What we will be able to do depends on you.

Here is a list of projects that we would like to tackle. We will be running zoom sessions and creating groups so that everyone can choose what they are able to participate in. 

project 1: recommendations

Right now – we have been asked by women from within our community and also allies for book, website, movie and podcast suggestions. We would like to be able to provide these to all who reach out to us, and to provide the lists to other organizations. It is essential that schools and public libraries have books with positive Jewish and Israeli representation available. When lists are created we will be asking women around the country to request that their local libraries bring in books. 

Right now the suggested lists are;

  • Adult novels

  • Children’s novels

  • Picture books

  • Non fiction adult

  • Non fiction child 

In the following categories (more to be brainstormed and added) 

  • Set in Israel since the beginning of the Yishuv movement 

  • About the Jewish diaspora

  • About antisemitism throughout history 

  • Specifically about Australian Jewish experience

  • History of empires

  • History of the Middle East 

  • Genocides 

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project 2: dictionary & resources

We would also like to create resources for teachers with definitions of some of the buzz words that are being used in the discussion. Ideally these become 5 slide slideshows that can be used on social media as well as in classrooms. 

  • What is a Jew – a race, a nation, a religion, ethnicity and a cultural group. What are the differences  and why does this matter?

  • International law and the war currently – this should be a table

  • What other international events (including war, genocide, displacement, etc ) are going on.

  • Occupied

  • Intern

  • Hate speech

  • Pogrom 

  • Blood libel

  • The evolution of antisemtism and acceptable language

  • Muslim brotherhood

  • Colonial / settler / empire what are these and how do they apply to israel

  • Decolonisation 

  • Concentration camp

  • Refugee

  • UNRWA 

  • Apartheid 

  • Genocide (history of the word)

  • UN – and who is sitting in seats of councils.

  • What is the talmud 

  • The creation of Israeli and American Jewish communities – why are 80% of Jews in these 2 countries? Where were they/we 100 years ago

  • What is a nation state 

  • Demographics of israel

  • A comparison of charters – mini history of establishment of israel, hamas, lebanon, hezbolah

  • White – racial definition – privilege and global differences

  • What is race? – around the globe

  • What is DEI?

  • Zionism 

  • Antizionism 

  • Palestine (the evolution of the word from the naming of a landmass to a description of a people)

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project 3: Teachers & Teachers union

Another request that has come through has been for support for current Australian teachers in communicating with the teachers union. There are a lot of Jewish teachers in this country who are currently feeling as though the union has supported terror overseas and not teachers in Australian schools.

i can help teachers 

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project 4: Music & ART

There are specific projects for music and art teachers that have been suggested and if we can we would like to support these teachers too. 

  • Jewish and Israeli music

  • Jewish and Israeli art 

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project 5: hatikva – do you have videos?

We have been asked if we can provide video montages of Australian young musicians playing hatikva. 

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    project 6: maps & data

    Maps and data about population movement.

    • Jewish population worldwide 1873, 1923, 1973, 2023

    • Arab and Muslim population in same years 

    • Jewish population of Australia 

    • Muslim population of Australia 

    • Israeli demographics

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      project 7: australian organisations

      A history of interfaith and intercultural organisations in Australia 

      A list of women’s organisations in Australia 

      As the projects develop there will be paid roles available. If this is something you would like to be considered for please keep an eye out, and ensure we have you contact details on hand. 

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      war updates

      Peta Jones Pelach & the NCJWA team have put together daily updates. The war in between Hamas and Israel is breaking our hearts every day – these summaries under 4 minutes will help you stay up to date.